• ARMOR RIG / 아머케리어
  • HARNESS / 하네스케리어
  • TAC VEST / 택티컬베스트
  • GUN CARRIER / 건케리어
  • RANGER BAG / 레인져백
  • HOLSTER / 홀스터
  • BACKPACK / 백팩
  • 벨트/레그 매거진케리어
  • MOLLE POUCH  / 몰리파우치
  •  BELT & SLING / 벨트슬링
  • 라이플슬링
  • HELMET/헤드기어헬멧
  • ACCESSORIES / 슈팅액세서리
  • 아웃도어백 - Bags for Campers~!
  • SECURITY / 방검씨큐리티

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Dear customers,

As known as "IK CRAFT" to the overseas market with a brand name of "GUNCASE" domestically
in Korea, we have been exporting over than 1,000 various kinds of tactical gears and bags to the worldwide
leading companies all over the world since 1997.  We are the actual manufacturer and exporter having
the production base in Qingdao, China with a representative office located in Seoul, Korea. 


We professionallly produce tactical armors, vests and gun carriers including holsters and chest pouches
mainly for survival gamers and also for some of warriors in the front line fighting for the world peace.


For your reference, delivery is within about 60days according to the order volume and the preferred
payment is by T/T through bank with 50% prepaid when ordering and the balance 50% upon receipt
of the shipping documents by fax after the shipment is actually done.


The required minimum order amount for each shipment is USD10,000 and 100pcs per item to maximize
the production efficiency at the factory.  And for the order less than USD10,000 each shipment,  you are
requested to add up USD300.00 to cover the least expenses and fees for the export documentation & etc.


There are over than 1,000 different items of our own designs as full line-up products and if you want any
of special items for your own use, just send us the drawing or samples (samples are preferred) and in turn
we make you the counter samples for your evaluation and approval.   Of course, you could put your own
brand name on the products you order.  OEM is welcomed.


And so we welcome you to be our partner any time and hope to be your reliable supplier for our mutal benefits
in the long time.




Truely yours,


Ike Kim / YK Kim Co-Owner








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